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Congratulations on choosing your perfect Bridal Gown at Sandylou Bridal! In order to fully understand the process, policies, and what you can expect from Sandylou Bridal, as well as what we expect from you, please see below.



After an initial consultation or correspondence in which you communicate to Sandylou Bridal, we will need your measurements. For the bride who needs their own custom design we will draw up one or more sketches closet to your vision. These sketches may be synthesized or modified until the final design is agreed upon by you. Please understand that out of respect for time, Sandylou Bridal will provide up to two consultations, email or text communication, and varies sketches until you have committed once a deposit is paid. Changes to orders may be made up to 72 hours after placing an order with Sandylou bridal. Any changes made to orders after 72hrs may incur an extra charge as per designer discretion. 










50% deposit is due up front before Sandylou Bridal can begin making your dress. This is to cover the cost of materials and is non-refundable. The balance of the dress and sales tax or shipping, if applicable, is due when the dress is completed, and the dress will not be given to the client until full payment has been made. In regards to payments for bridal team or flower girl orders Sandylou bridal wear will take payments via the contracted customer or any individual assigned by bride and not individual payments.



Due to the fact that our merchandise is made to order, there are no exchanges or refunds or transfers of deposits after 48 hours.  After 48 hours all sales are final. If the gown balance is delinquent past 90 days we will add a £50 per month finance charge, or if merchandise is left unclaimed in the boutique past the wedding or event date on your customer profile, the merchandise becomes property of Sandylou Bridal and any deposits or payments are forfeited.



At Sandylou Bridal wear , we have a separate size/measurement chart. Size will be determined by the largest measurement; therefore, alterations are typically required. We are not responsible for any change in size that may occur after we have initially measured you. We provide you with the right to supply your own measurements. However, Sandylou bridal will not be responsible for any change in size that may occur before your gown is complete. To ensure that your gown is fitted properly we ask that you provide correct measurements. Sandylou Bridal does not assume responsibility for a third party seamstress or cleaners. In the event alterations may be needed, Sandylou Bridal requires a payment  within 14 days.




Sandylou Bridal require 15-20 weeks to manufacturer custom garments. The lead times vary by design, material, and more. Once your gown is deemed ready, we will call you to schedule an appointment to pick up your gown. If you do not live within distance to pick up your gown, we will delivery your gown, delivery charge will be included in your total payment amount. If you paid a deposit instead of in full, final payment is due within 14 days prior to the gown’s arrival. Please be prepared that dresses could arrive earlier than expected.


I have read and fully understand and agree to SandyLou Bridal policies and expectations regarding custom wedding gowns.


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